Thunder-lightning generated by an iterated function system of three affines on the plane Krzysztof Leśniak [my CV]
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The list of my works (those rare enough, usually unpublished, a list far from complete).

  1. Moja praca magisterska (MSc thesis, 1998) pt. Selektory kierunkowo ciągłe odwzorowań półciągłych z dołu = Directionally continuous selectors of lower semicontinuous correspondences (.dvi |  .ps)
  2. Praca z XLII Konkursu im. J. Marcinkiewicza w 1998 r. pt. O pewnym uogólnieniu pojęcia granicy (.dvi |  .ps |  .pdf)
  3. Note on the Kuratowski Theorem for abstract measures of noncompactness (.dvi |  .ps |  .pdf)
  4. Hausdorff metric and measure of noncompactness in formulae (.pdf |  source .tex)
  5. Axiomatization of topological space in terms of the operation of boundary (arXiv:math/0605259v1)
  6. Ocena georóżnorodności za pomocą miar krajobrazowych - podstawowe trudności metodyczne = Geodiversity valuation with the aid of landscape indices - basic methodological obstructions ( Przegląd Geograficzny 78 (1) 2006), joint work with Rafał Kot  |  RK's old page| RK's new page
  7. Rozwiązania gier o charakterze kooperacyjnym. Kooperacja i koordynacja ( UMK: repozyt 495)
  8. Rozwiązania symetryczne gier kooperacyjnych ( UMK: repozyt 494)
  9. Global attractors of multivalued IFSs (ANU MSI - Sem.&Colloq., Fractals Seminar, 18 Feb 2011; notes.pdf scan by N.Snig.: page 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 5b| 6)
  10. Knaster-Tarski Fixed Point Theorem (redrawn from blackboard, ANU MSI Canberra 2011: .svg)
  11. Fractal homeomorphisms (9 July 2012 Brasilian-Polish Workshop Torun; slides: .pdf |  .tex)
  12. Random iteration and disjunctive processes (24-29 March 2014, Fractal Geometry and Stochastics V; slides: .pdf  |  simulation: Kaczmarz algorithm & chaos game .ggb  |  slides of participants)
  13. Dynamics of some models from the economics curriculum: interactive activity with GeoGebra (EViMS 2, 21-23 November 2014):
  14. Disjunctive sequences, discontinuous systems and fast basins ( New Directions in Fractal Geometry 24-28 November 2014):
    slides  |  abstract
  15. Chaos game simulation over a prescribed driver in Maxima CAS, joint work with Nina Snigireva; script.wxm can be dowloaded from the website Chaos Game Algorithm - KL      |  Some people's riddle: Sierpiński triangle or gasket?  |  Me inside Koch's star fractal
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