My research interests

Derivations of commutative rings

differential algebra, rings of constants, polynomial and rational first integrals, simple derivations, locally finite derivations, higher derivations, differential Galois theory. skew polynomial rings of derivations type.

Automorphisms of polynomial rings

the jacobian conjecture, Newton polygons, tame generator conjecture, rings of invariants, fourteenth problem of Hilbert, simple automorphisms.

Actions and coactions of Hopf algebras on commutative algebras

algebra of (co)invariants, algebra of covariants, linearization of (co)actions.

Commutative rings

Cohen-Macaulay rings, polynomial and power series rings, computer algebra, Groebner basis.

Lie algebras and associative rings

derivations and automorphisms. skew polynomial rings, Ore extensions.

Elementary number theory

Algebraic geometry